How do you go about fixing the lighting though? If you’re not keen on rewiring the inside of the closet, puck lights would be a good option.

  • Mikki Austin, on the other hand, helped her her teenage son find a quiet spot for schoolwork when she added a desk to a closet in the family’s guest bedroom.
  • Austin said she spent about $275 on her design.
  • The problem is you don’t have an office or room you can convert into a home office, and the dining room table isn’t cutting it anymore.

Heather Bien is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer whose work has appeared on MyDomaine, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, HelloGiggles, and more. You’ll often find her making pitstops for roadside antique shops, drooling over original hardwood floors, or perfecting her latte recipe. However, you can find smaller-scale office chairs that have all the features of larger models. Considering the number of hours you’re likely to spend in your new favorite nook, you need something great to sit on. Not only do they look beautiful, they add oxygen to the space and can be relatively low-maintenance. Consider the footprint of your home before settling on an office door. Closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle.

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

If you have a walk-in closet, position the desk where the light flows freely. Try to find a chair that fits inside the cloffice so that you’re able to shut the closet door with ease. Obviously, if your home was built without a dedicated office , you’ll need an outside-the-box solution. If you have an extra bedroom or the budget to build an addition onto your home, you’re all set.

Do you need help and inspiration from a professional to get you started on your home refresh? If so, give the team at AHT Interiors a call; we offer DIY In-Home Design Consultations in addition to full-service interior design. These consultations are two- or more-hour-sessions with our designer who will provide immediate answers to your design dilemmas. Your home office is bound to have clutter all around and this is why you need to be extra diligent when it comes to purging the space of clutter.


The wicker pendant light and bistro chair look super luxe and add welcome texture to the space. If your closet is really narrow, it could be difficult to fit a full-size desk in it. Rather than have an ill-fitting desk, install a series of strategically placed shelves.

Do you need a spot to organize your kids’ schoolwork and projects? Or do you just converting a closet to an office want to get your office stuff out of sight at the end of the school or work day?

Want a Great Remoteor Flexible Job?

Don’t let an arched ceiling, for instance, deter you from sliding in a work desk, a lamp, and some fresh flowers. You’d be surprised how cozy you can make an oddly shaped space feel. Don’t let non-office items creep back into your space unless you’re okay with a cluttered, messy workspace. If you believe you are a candidate for a walk-in closet office space, give My Custom Closet a call to schedule your free consultation. Before you begin to knock out the wall of your home to create a brand new room for that home office, see if you can save yourself some money.

  • We may do this for one of ours, since our office is currently our playroom for our child.
  • Wood elements like a floating shelf and a bench topper completed the project.
  • When the COVID pandemic hit globally, it has upped the need for people to have a home office.
  • Whatever the case, you’ll most likely have room for it in a walk-in closet office—just plan carefully to ensure everything fits nicely and comfortably in your space.

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