The Old Rusty Key Wow

The old rustic key awesome is a cult classic and not simply because they have an awesome searching object or two. There are many ways to obtain this but the best way is to do something a bit unusual to get it. One of the most likely location to come across it is by far the Mechagon Area on the Eastern Kingdom server. It is also smart to do a dose of research to the numerous sandboxes around that region and map them to be able to avoid a tangle or two.

Getting it and keeping it’ll be an exercise in patience however the reward is usually well worth it. You’ll never find a more expensive version of it anywhere else amongst people and you’ll become proud to call yourself a holder with this prestigious name. You can even sell it to another player in a trade. This may not be a bad point because it means you can finally try out that game on the run that’s been haunting your dreams. It will also indicate you won’t live through that frustrating lag and stuttering that plagues numerous players today.

Getting this elusive treasure will take a little patience and a lot of grit however the result can be well worth the effort.

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